Jump Rope Fitness Clinic for Teens/Adults

NEW Jump Rope Clinic for Teens/Adults!
Jumping rope is an incredible workout and movement practice!
Want to get fitter, healthier, more coordinated, lose weight, and even improve cognitive function?
A jump rope is a totally portable and inexpensive piece of equipment that is actually FUN to use!
Jumping rope can be done just about anywhere which makes the entire world your gym. This convenience can lead to better consistency which equals better results.
There is good reason that martial artists, boxers, and fighters have been jumping rope as part of their movement practice forever. However you don’t need to be any of these athletes to gain tremendous benefit from jumping rope. You just need a rope and the floor beneath your feet to become fitter and have FUN too!
In this one hour clinic you will learn all this and more…
– How to select the proper rope length
– How to hold the rope for the most efficient use
– Proper posture and alignment for jumping rope
– How to develop the rhythm and timing necessary for jump rope
– Six basic jumps (and maybe a few advanced ones for those that are ready)
– Breathing
– How to structure a jump rope workout that you can do on your own
Where: Family Karate PQ
When: Saturday, April 14th at 8:00 am
Who: Everyone 13 and older
Cost: $20

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